Langdon-centerLangdon Center adds Max G Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

For many years Dr. Langdon has used intense pulsed light (IPL) devices in his practice. IPLs are laser-like devices that deliver broadband (over a wide range of wavelengths) light in short, high-energy pulses. The light is mostly in visible wavelengths and will help remove excessive skin pigment or dilated blood vessels from the face. (A full face treatment is referred to as a “photo facial”).

The newest IPL device at the Langdon Center is the Palomar Max G, which is widely regarded as the best IPL in aesthetic medicine. The spectrum of emitted light from the Max G is optimized for efficacy and safety. The Max G is the only IPL device that “filters out” much of the range of wavelengths that are less beneficial for coagulating excess blood vessels and skin pigment (melanin). These less desirable wavelengths are relatively ineffective at removing unwanted red and brown colors and increase the risk of overheating and possibly injuring the skin. The Max G also uses “photon recycling” to redeliver reflected light back to the treated skin. Re-use of these therapeutic photons increases the effectiveness of the treatment without the need for increasing power, which increases safety of the treatment. The Max G is thus the most effective and safest of all IPL devices.

Rosacea is one common problem that Dr. Langdon routinely treats with the Max G. Patients with rosacea have frequent episodes of facial flushing during which blood vessels dilate, creating a “red face.” Many of these blood vessels eventually become permanently dilated, especially on the nose, cheeks, and chin. Dr. Langdon has found that the Max G provides the best results that he has seen in removing these persistent facial blood vessels.