A recent article that appeared in the U.K.’s Daily Mail stated that men now make up 42% of liposuction procedures. About a quarter of these men, according to the article, target the abdomen area.

Although laser liposuction has been popular with women since its inception, the procedure is becoming increasingly popular with men, too. Because ProLipo™ laser liposuction offers true body sculpting, it can eliminate pockets of unwanted fat to sculpt the appearance of well-defined abdominals. It’s also very effective at removing areas of diet- and exercise-resistant fat such as “love handles,” flanks and belly bulge.

“In recent years we have seen an increase in men undergoing ProLipo,” says Dr. Langdon. “Obviously the laser technology improves liposuction results in men as it does in women. The most common area of treatment is typically the abdomen, but other areas, such as the double chin and the chest (male breast), are popular, too.”

One recent male patient said, “Fantastic experience and the highest quality of cosmetic results. Dr. Langdon is superb. I have had a number of cosmetic procedures with Dr. Langdon’s practice and people tell me I look 20+ years younger. I am a 53-year old male. Dr. Langdon is tops in the field of cosmetic surgery and I have been very, very, pleased with the outcomes of the procedures.”

This time of year is extremely popular for undergoing ProLipo and other body- contouring procedures for both genders. With the numerous vacation days that the holidays have to offer, many patients opt for a beauty “staycation” of sorts, preferring to have a long-lasting confidence boost instead of a traditional vacation.

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