Natural Breast Augmentation is now available in Connecticut. This exciting procedure by Dr. Robert Langdon of The Langdon Center in Guilford, Connecticut, provides an increase in breast size without artificial breast implants. This is good news for many women who prefer a more natural result without the obvious appearance of breast implants. One of the most exciting aspects of the method that Dr. Langdon uses is its double benefit. Fat is removed from the tummy or thighs and transferred to the breasts. Patients love gaining a flatter tummy or smaller thighs at the same time as increasing their breast size – and with no additional recovery time. With Natural Breast Augmentation, Dr. Langdon uses fat grafting to both increase breast volume and to taper the areas surrounding the breasts. Natural Breast Augmentation can even be used to improve the appearance of existing breast implants, for example, to add cleavage. We use the Body-Jet liposuction system to remove unwanted fat from areas such as thighs and abdomen. A special Lipo-Collector system then purifies the fat cells, which are then injected into the breasts to provide a permanent volume augmentation. If you’d like to learn more about Natural Breast Augmentation, please call us at 203-745-0340 and ask for Colleen, our Patient Coordinator.