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Thanks for your question. Yes, there is a type of laser resurfacing that can do all of these things in only one treatment: Enhanced Active FX, a type of CO2 laser resurfacing. Active FX is a fractional laser treatment; in the enhanced version the CO laser energy is delivered to the skin at a faster rate and covers the entire skin surface. There is immediate tightening (contraction) of the skin, which smooths wrinkles especially around the eyes and in the cheek area. Within a few days, the entire epidermis will peel off, removing virtually all brown age spots. The CO2 laser energy also coagulates small blood vessels, reducing redness. As with other CO2 laser resurfacing treatments, there is continued production of new collagen in the months following Enhanced Active FX.

Recovery after Enhanced Active FX is relatively fast for such an effective laser resurfacing treatment. Most patients have totally healed within 5-6 days. The only post-treatment care required is the application of Aquaphor (a Vaseline-like ointment).

See the video below for a comprehensive explanation of Enhanced Active FX.

Robert Langdon, MD,GuilfordDr. Langdon, The Langdon Center