Patsy’s Journey at the Langdon Center

December 1, 2023

Each person who visits the Langdon Center has unique concerns, hopes, and goals. Dr. Langdon and his team develop a customized treatment plan for each individual that helps them achieve an appearance that makes them feel confident. While the ExpresS-Lift facelift is one of Dr. Langdon’s signature procedures, we offer a range of surgical and non-surgical options to address many different concerns.

Meet Patsy

Pasty is a vibrant, energetic woman who sells luxury real estate in Los Angeles. In a career where confidence matters, Pasty wanted to look her best while still looking like herself. Dr. Langdon developed a customized treatment plan to address her concerns about her face, neck, and the appearance of her skin.

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Patsy’s Reasons for Choosing a Facelift

Many of us can relate to Patsy’s life experiences. She had recently lost her mother after four years of caregiving. She had also struggled with the stresses of COVID lockdowns, and these experiences had left her feeling “worn out” and tired. Patsy wanted a way to restore her confidence and energy, and she trusted the Langdon Center with her procedure.

Many of us have experienced a crisis that made us stronger but had an effect on our appearance and self-esteem. Most people who choose an ExpresS-Lift are not looking for dramatic changes to their appearance. Instead, they want to look like a refreshed, more energized version of themselves. If you have concerns that a facelift might look unnatural, Dr. Langdon’s ExpresS-Lift may be an ideal solution.

ExpresS-Lift facelifts Consultations Available

If you have further questions about ExpresS-Lift facelifts we encourage you to schedule a consultation at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT. Call us at 203-453-8625 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

Patsy’s Procedures

Patsy’s treatment plan included several procedures that Dr. Langdon often recommends together. A facelift would provide her with a lifted, refreshed appearance. A neck lift would improve the appearance of the neck and lower face. CO2 laser resurfacing would give her firmer, more even-toned skin.

ExpresS-Lift Facelift

The ExpresS-Lift is Dr. Langdon’s specialized facelift protocol. It is performed under local anesthesia with sedation, decreasing your post-surgical swelling and discomfort. Small incisions around the ears allow Dr. Langdon to lift and tighten the skin and SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system) layers. By tightening the underlying layers, this procedure achieves a natural appearance. The vertical direction of the lift counteracts the effects of sagging and gravity and results in a natural look that avoids the “swept-back” or “wind tunnel” look of conventional facelifts.

Neck Lift

A neck lift pairs well with a facelift by improving the neck, chin, and jawline contours. It tightens loose neck skin and tightens the loosened muscles that cause the appearance of neck bands. A neck lift may not require any additional incisions when paired with a facelift. Some people may require a small, hidden incision under the chin.

CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

Active FX/Deep FX CO2 laser skin resurfacing uses a fractional laser that creates tiny areas of controlled damage in the skin. This process triggers your skin’s healing abilities, bringing healthy new cells to the surface and stimulating new collagen development.

Non-surgical treatments are often added to an ExpresS-Lift or other procedure. CO2 laser resurfacing can address pigmentation issues, rough or uneven skin, and sun damage. The new collagen adds additional skin tightening and restores brighter, healthier-looking skin.

Eyelid Lift

As Patsy explains, Dr. Langdon is also a specialist in laser eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. This procedure allows him to treat the same upper or lower eyelid concerns but with less bleeding or recovery time. An eyelid lift is often performed with a facelift to achieve a brighter, more alert eye area. This specialized technique sets Dr. Langdon apart from most other surgeons.

Patsy’s Aftercare and Recovery

Recovery from an ExpresS-Lift is usually quick and easy. Many people only take over-the-counter pain medications. You will have antibiotics to take just before and for several days after surgery. Most people return to work in one to two weeks. Dr. Langdon and his team will provide you with detailed instructions to follow after your ExpresS-Lift.

As Patsy noted, you will have several follow-up visits with Dr. Langdon. We want you to feel supported at every stage of your procedure, so we follow you through your recovery to ensure you heal without problems. Your care goes far beyond your procedure to ensure you are happy with your results and experience.

Patsy’s Final Thoughts

People choose plastic surgery for many reasons. Patsy has exactly the right attitude to get the best results out of her procedure: she has a positive attitude and wants to look like her best version of herself. Dr. Langdon always strives to help you achieve your best self, boost your self-esteem, and improve your life. Instead of noticing that you have had a procedure, people will notice that you seem more energized and confident.

Dr. Langdon and all of his nurses and staff are very friendly and they know how to make you feel very comfortable. He is a very experienced doctor, I call him an artistic dr. because he’s so precise in his work. If you would like something done right, dr. Langdon is the one to see. I am very pleased with my results and very grateful for him and his staff being here in Ct.

Take the Next Step

If you have further questions about ExpresS-Lift facelifts, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT. Call us at (203) 453-8625 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

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Dr. Robert Langdon, MD is a triple-board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, and Facial Cosmetic Surgery. He specializes in advanced laser and low-impact procedures under local anesthesia, emphasizing quick recovery and low risks. With over 30 years of experience, he prioritizes personalized care and has authored significant publications, including a book on cosmetic laser surgery.

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