For much less than the cost of a trip to Europe, cosmetic procedures and treatments can turn back the clock with minimal downtime. Emerge from your staycation rested, jet-lag free and ready to put your best face forward.

Many people choose to schedule their cosmetic procedures and treatments during their holiday break. Vacation time is a great time to have a plastic surgery procedure because you are engaging in limited physical activity and able to rest. Dr. Langdon routinely performs procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and face lifts during winter or summer breaks. Staycation patients are able to schedule enough time for rest and recovery and not miss out on too much.

Remember that the winter holiday break is a very busy time for everyone as well as The Langdon Center. Please schedule your consultations early for the best available surgery dates.

To schedule your winter holiday staycation consultation, call us at The Langdon Center at
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