If you’ve been troubled by overly large breasts but have resisted major surgical revision, you may be relieved to know that there is a less invasive – and virtually scar-less – option available from The Langdon Center. In the Scar-less Breast Reduction procedure, Dr. Langdon removes excess fat from the breasts by using a special liposuction technique with tiny skin incisions and micro-cannulas.

Benefits of No-scar Breast Reduction include the following:

1) Only safe local anesthesia is used.

2) The procedure is nearly painless.

3) Tiny skin incisions (no stitches are needed) and liposuction instruments are used.

4) The recovery is very rapid: 2 to 3 days is typical.

5) Scars are minimal to nonexistent.

Because larger breasts are mostly composed of fat tissue, a modified liposuction technique can result in significant size reduction. Tumescent anesthetic solution is used to thoroughly (and painlessly) numb the breasts. Then, Dr. Langdon performs liposuction using tiny micro-cannulas throughout the breast. The micro-cannulas are blunt, tube-like instruments that Dr. Langdon gently moves back and forth within the numbed area. The instrument does not harm breast tissue and removes only fat cells. Recovery is rapid after the procedure.

If you’re considering No-scar Breast Reduction and are interested in learning more, please schedule a consultation at The Langdon Center by calling us at 203-745-0340.Scarless Breast Reduction Guilford, Ct