Do you know the difference between traditional laser tattoo removal methods and PicoSure® laser tattoo removal, available at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT? Whereas traditional methods using a Q-switched laser can require as many as 16 treatments before significant improvement can be seen, the PicoSure device can remove even dark tattoos in less time, with less pain and with far superior results.

Many of our PicoSure patients come to us after having undergone repeated, painful Q-switched laser treatments elsewhere and are exceedingly frustrated with the slow process and the blotchy results. In addition to slow and sub-par improvement, Q-switched laser tattoo removal isn’t as cost efficient as the PicoSure. Because patients require fewer treatments with the PicoSure, it’s a wiser, more cost-effective option for tattoo removal.

Still wondering if PicoSure tattoo removal is right for you? According to, PicoSure laser tattoo removal has an amazing “100% worth it rating” from individuals around the world. Here are some comments from’s PicoSure review page (also look for a comment from one of Dr. Langdon’s patients on

  • “PicoSure beats old laser technology hands down!”
  • “This is SO WORTH IT. In just one session I am blown away by how much this laser has done.”
  • “PicoSure has been amazing!”

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