Most of us know that BOTOX is great for eliminating or greatly reducing wrinkles. Yet, a lot of our patients here at The Langdon Center share with us how confusing understanding the options for cosmetic treatments can be. One major misconception is that BOTOX treats each wrinkle. In fact, BOTOX treats the underlying muscle that causes wrinkles and lines to appear. BOTOX weakens the muscle for about 4 months, softening or eliminating wrinkles and lines. Let’s break down the benefits of BOTOX so that we can fully understand its role in anti-aging cosmetic treatments and whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

Eyes: Dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles caused by active muscle contraction during facial expression) are prevalent around the eyes, especially the “crow’s feet” area . BOTOX is very effective around this area.

Brows: Wrinkling or furrowing of the area between the eyebrows creates frown lines, which can result in a constant appearance of sadness or anger. BOTOX can relax the frown muscles and improve these lines. For a long-lasting alternative to Botox for relaxing the frown muscles, check out Dr. Langdon’s new NoFrown procedure at

Forehead: Horizontal wrinkles often form on the forehead and give the face an older appearance. BOTOX improves even deep creases in the forehead skin.


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