Acne is almost always associated with hormones, particularly during your teenage years. However, hormones are actually just a tip of the iceberg that is acne. Random breakouts, particularly during adulthood, are caused by other factors – from your hairstyling products to your daily food intake.We list down several surprising causes of acne and how you can battle them one by one. After battling your grown-up breakouts, a Connecticut acne scar treatment by Dr. Robert Langdon may complete your quest for smoother facial skin!

Quick Beauty Product Switches

Recent survey results has shown that the average adult woman tries around 5 to 10 new beauty products a year. Before quickly switching to new products, give your skin time to take the product in and work its wonders; wait for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Keep in mind that it will certainly take time for your skin to actually soaked in the benefits of a new product. Switching to another skin care product before giving the old one a chance to work will surely confuse your skin and will only further stimulate acne flare-ups.

Travel Woes

There’s no denying that travelling is indeed fun and fulfilling. However, it could also actually mean more episodes of skin breakouts as there could be a change in weather, humidity and water elements. These changes could trigger extreme breakouts as well as a myriad of skin problems. Your skin is not used to these new elements thus it reacts by breaking out.

Hairstyling Products

The hair care products (particularly those with spray applicators) you’re using may actually cause acne; this is often referred to as pomenade acne. These styling products often seep oil into the forehead and trap pimple-causing bacteria in the process. Once your pores are clogged with these bacteria, redness and swelling will follow through. Try to apply these products with your hands and be careful to wipe away the excess from your skin.

Your Cellphone

Believe it or not, your cellphone could actually exacerbate your breakouts. Wonder why? Your mobile phone is actually subjected to different surfaces and it is not a surprise at all if your cellphone houses different kinds of bacteria. Wipe your cellphone with a hand sanitizer daily to decrease the number of these pimple-causing pathogens.

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