From a recent article in The Huffington Post: “Employers are now citing visible tattoos as undesirable in the hiring process. According to, piercings, bad breath and tattoos are the top three deal breakers when it comes to getting hired or getting a promotion.”

Good news! With FDA-Approved PicoSure™ tattoo removal at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT, you can eliminate even dark and multi-colored tattoos in considerably less time than with traditional laser methods. Another advantage of PicoSure™ is that treatments are less painful than with older lasers.

PicoSure™ is recognized as the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology in the world. These lasers are quite rare; the PicoSure™ laser at Dr. Langdon’s office is one of only a select few in the United States.

Check out our amazing before and after gallery! Even dark, stubborn ink is no match for the PicoSure™.

Have you previously undergone traditional laser tattoo removal and are unhappy with the results and time involved? We recently received this testimonial that we would like to share with you:

“Dear Doctor Langdon,

I wanted to take a brief moment to inform you of the fantastic changes I have seen in such a brief amount of time since my PicoSure laser treatment 2 weeks ago. As you well know I originally had four treatments with the YAG laser. The results were slow yet noticeable.  I could not help but imagine that it would probably take another 8-12 sessions before probable completion. Now that I have had only one treatment with the PicoSure, I honestly think I may require only 2 more treatments before completion. It has been astonishing how much change there has been in ONLY two weeks. Far more than that experienced with the YAG.”

The benefits of the Picosure are simple: fewer treatments, less pain and faster tattoo clearance.

I cannot wait to see the final outcome.

Thanks again for your trusted expertise and experience.

Best Wishes,


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