Doctors have previously treated moderate to severe acne with oral treatments that have risks and side effects. LaserClear is a drug-free acne treatment that dramatically improves acne. With this innovative treatment, you can see a significant decrease in breakouts without the unpleasant effects of oral medications. 

What is LaserClear?

LaserClear uses laser energy to target the underlying causes of acne for long-term relief. The American Academy of Dermatology notes that lasers significantly advance acne treatment. LaserClear treats moderate to severe acne with little to no downtime, letting you enjoy noticeably clearer skin that lasts. The Langdon Center is one of only a few providers with both laser systems needed for this innovative treatment. 

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How Does LaserClear Treat Acne? 

In the past, doctors had few options for treating moderate to severe acne. Medications like Accutane and antibiotics can have significant side effects and may not provide lasting relief. LaserClear uses two different laser wavelengths to target the cause of your acne: your sebaceous glands. This laser energy targets these glands, which absorb heat that damages them. This damage causes a long-term decrease in activity, so your skin produces less pore-clogging oil. You can expect fewer, less frequent breakouts, and the ones you do have will be less severe. 

What to Expect After LaserClear Acne Treatment

LaserCare targets sebaceous glands without causing injury to the skin. You can leave your appointment and return to your daily activities with no downtime. Your skin may look mildly flushed for a short time after treatment. We recommend avoiding excessive sun exposure and using sun protection after any laser treatment since lasers make your skin more susceptible to sun damage. 

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How Long Does it Take LaserClear to Work?

You should start to see improvements in your skin within three to four weeks of your first treatment. Most people need up to six LaserClear treatments to see their best results. Each treatment takes 20-30 minutes, making LaserClear an excellent option for those with busy schedules. Results typically last two years or more, giving you clearer skin without pills or harsh topical treatments. Most people report feeling very satisfied with their results, even months after their last session. 

Am I a Good Candidate for LaserClear?

Most people make good candidates for LaserClear. This safe, effective treatment can be used for people of any age who struggle with acne. Good candidates have moderate to severe acne and prefer a drug-free solution with minimal risk of side effects. We recommend LaserClear for almost anyone looking for a long-term acne solution. 

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