What Type of Liposuction Would Be Best For Me?

October 24, 2019

Aging, childbirth, and other factors often leave us with stubborn fat bulges that are resistant to diet and exercise. If you are bothered by stubborn fat areas on your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and/or other body parts, liposuction may be a great solution.

It is a safe, clinically proven body contouring treatment that can help you get rid of stubborn fat and achieve a slimmer, more attractive figure. Because there are a number of liposuction treatments available, you may be wondering which type is right for you. Keep reading to learn more about each option.

Liposuction Guilford

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Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction includes the use of a diluted local anesthetic (in saltwater) to inflate your fat layer so that it becomes numb and can then be suctioned through tiny incisions in the skin. Tumescent anesthesia is used for many different types of liposuction. Compared to non-tumescent liposuction (e.g. liposuction done with general anesthesia), tumescent liposuction gives smoother results as well as a faster recovery and insignificant blood loss. It is a great choice if you want to ensure a natural, smooth appearance and don’t have the time to commit to a long recovery period.

SmartLipo and SlimLipo

Both SmartLipo and SlimLipo work by using diode laser technology to gently melt fat. Liposuction is then used to remove the fat. These treatments are minimally invasive and can allow you to achieve beautiful results in only one treatment. This is great news as some liposuction treatments require multiple sessions to generate optimal results.

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If you have further questions about Liposuction, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT. Call us at 203-453-8625 or fill out our convenient online contact form.


Through two laser wavelengths, ProLipo reduces the bruising that’s commonly associated with liposuction while increasing the tightening of the treated stomach area. The best part of ProLipo is that it comes with absolutely no pain and discomfort because your treatment area will be numbed with a local anesthetic before the procedure is performed. If you are worried about pain with liposuction, ProLipo may be the way to go.


Renuvion is the newest technology to enhance skin tightening after liposuction. Renuvion employs radiofrequency (RF) energy rather than laser energy to cause contraction of the connective tissue fibers that remain in the subcutaneous layer after fat is removed with liposuction. Also referred to as J-Plasma, Renuvion includes a plasma (derived from helium) that effectively directs the RF energy precisely to these connective tissue fibers. Renuvion can provide a “lift” through shrinkage of the subcutaneous fibers and the overlying skin.

Liposuction is Not a Weight Loss Treatment

It’s important to understand that although liposuction can help you achieve a more toned, athletic look, it is a body contouring treatment rather than a weight loss treatment. If your goal is only to shed unwanted pounds, you are not a good candidate for liposuction. Also, liposuction only makes sense if you plan to adhere to or continue a healthy lifestyle after treatment.

I am now several weeks post op and love my results so far! I had liposuction of the abdomen and flanks and fat transfer to the buttocks. I had researched many doctors all along the eastern shoreline and throughout NYC and finally came across Dr. Langdon. For the moment I walked in the office I felt a sense of comfort which I had not experienced anywhere else. The staff was welcoming and extremely helpful and Dr. Langdon was great! We discussed my goals and he delivered the results I was aiming to achieve.. and then some! I am excited to see the final result in the coming months and would recommend Dr. Langdon to anyone looking to improve their trouble areas!

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If you have further questions about the different types of liposuction or are wondering which treatment is ideal for your aesthetic goals, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT. Call us at 203-453-8625 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

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Dr. Robert Langdon

Dr. Robert Langdon, MD is a triple-board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, and Facial Cosmetic Surgery. He specializes in advanced laser and low-impact procedures under local anesthesia, emphasizing quick recovery and low risks. With over 30 years of experience, he prioritizes personalized care and has authored significant publications, including a book on cosmetic laser surgery.

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