There has never been a time where people focus on looking better than right now. There are many reasons that people—both men and women—want to look better. For some, it is the desire to boost their self-esteem and gain confidence so that they can present their very best self to the world. Others struggle with the fact that the sun, gravity, and the natural aging process have all been harsh on them, leaving them looking prematurely old. Whatever one’s reason might be to improve the face they put forward, 2019 is the best year yet for new and innovative facelift techniques.

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The ExpresS-Lift

One of our favorite cosmetic surgeries here at The Langdon Center is the ExpresS-Lift facelift. The ExpresS-Lift will improve sagging skin and give you a smoother neck, reduced jowls, and a refined jawline, all with few incisions and inconspicuous scars. This lift is done with only local anesthesia, so there is greatly reduced pain, little bleeding, and little bruising. It will leave you looking younger and more refreshed with minimal downtime. In fact, most patients experience mild bruising that resolves in 7 to 10 days so that they can return to their normal work schedules within two weeks or less.

How Does the ExpresS-Lift Work?

This facelift is a 3-to-4-hour procedure that not only tightens the skin but also tightens the connective tissue layer below the skin. Small incisions are made in front of the ears, and then the sagging layers are lifted in a largely vertical direction, against the natural pull of gravity, and repositioned. Excess fat and skin are removed as well. Patients may have mild bruising and some swelling following the procedure, but these mostly resolve within a week, allowing patients to return to their normal daily routines within two weeks.

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Why Is The ExpresS-Lift A Great Choice?

The ExpresS-Lift procedure is specifically designed to rejuvenate the appearance of your face and neck yet not completely change your look. Traditional facelift procedures often focus on stretching sagging skin to make it appear tighter and smoother and can result in unnaturally stretched facial features. The goal of the ExpresS-Lift is to create an end result that looks natural with no over-stretching of the facial skin. The look created is meant to be so subtle and natural that people will notice that you look refreshed and happy without assuming that you had “work done!”

I found the staff and dr langdon to be wonderful. they were attentive, responsive to my questions and needs. they were professional and personable. it made the experience very positive!

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