Dr-langdon-blog-imageWhen you think classically masculine features, what immediately comes to mind?  Chances are, you immediately picture a strong jawline, with a well-defined chin.  From movies and music to comic books and advertisements, this classic image of masculinity has been with us for several generations.

Perhaps that’s why so many men feel self-conscious about their appearance when they have a receding or “weak” chin.

For many men, a poorly defined jawline can become a source of embarrassment.  Fortunately, it’s a problem that doesn’t need to last forever, as chin implants have quickly become the ideal solution for men who want a stronger, more masculine jawline.

Chin Implants at The Langdon Center

Founded by board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Langdon, The Langdon Center – located in Guilford, Connecticut – provides clients with a range of treatments designed to enhance the appearance of the jawline.  One of the most popular options is the chin implant, which can help define and enhance the jawline, thus creating a more masculine appearance.  Other benefits of the chin implant include:

  • Improved balance of facial features
  • A more graceful and refined neck profile
  • De-emphasis of jowl prominence

The chin implant is usually made of medical grade silicone rubber, which helps create a natural yet well-defined feel.  The implant is placed directly beneath the skin and muscle of the chin, and positioned until the desired results have been achieved.  Some clients even choose to add liposuction onto their chin implant treatment, as this can help eliminate the appearance of jowls.

During the initial procedure, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the treatment area.  The procedure is performed in-office; recovery is minimal.  Most clients can return to their normal activities after a day, while stitches are removed after a single week.

Schedule Your Consultation at The Langdon Center

The cost of your chin implant can vary depending on your ideal results.  To learn more about getting a chin implant, it’s time to visit The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT. Call today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Langdon. 203-745-0340