Dermal fillers can restore a more youthful appearance, but they only last a few months or years. A facial fat transfer uses your own fat for long-lasting, natural results. This procedure, which is actually a transplantation of tissue, can replace lost facial volume, smooth lines, and correct under-eye circles.  

What is a Facial Fat Transfer?

A facial fat transfer removes fat from a donor site on your body and injects it into targeted areas of the face. This minimally invasive procedure provides volume and enhancement almost anywhere your face needs it. Your fat cells are carefully preserved during the process so they can establish themselves and thrive in their new location.

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How Does a Facial Fat Transfer Work? 

During facial fat transfer, Dr. Langdon will select a donor area, often the abdomen, flanks or thighs. Fat harvested from these areas is processed to clean and prepare the fat cells for transfer. The fat is then injected into areas of the face that can benefit from the added volume. Because the procedure uses your own living fat cells, the body will not try to remove them like it removes some dermal fillers. 

How Much Fat Survives a Facial Fat Transfer?

Dr. Langdon has mastered the process of harvesting and preparing fat cells. As a result, these fat cells have an excellent chance of surviving when injected. Results will vary depending on your body’s unique reaction to the treatment. 

In most cases, anywhere between 50% and 80% of injected fat cells will survive the transfer. Surgeons usually inject enough fat to account for this (“over-correct”), to make  sure you see the results you want. 

What Can a Facial Fat Transfer Treat?

Facial fat transfer excels in providing natural-looking fullness and smoothness. We use fat transfer to improve facial features like:

  • Hollow temples
  • Undereye circles
  • Loss of cheek volume
  • Nasolabial folds and other deep lines
  • Thin or narrow lips

Fat cells are safe to use almost anywhere because they augment or replace natural fat. In the transfer process, small clumps of fat cells must be carefully placed in order to receive sufficient blood supply. Once injected, these cells will behave just like the fat cells around them and, after engraftment, will last just as long. 

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What is Recovery Like From a Facial Fat Transfer?

You can expect some facial swelling that lasts about a week. We recommend taking up to a week off to rest and recover for quicker healing. Your bruising will be minimal, and you will likely feel comfortable returning to work by that time. 

Your results will become visible after your swelling fades. The fat cells that survive the transfer will stay there for a lifetime. However, they can shrink if you lose a large amount of weight. Unlike dermal fillers, facial fat transfer gives you results that last for many years. 

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