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Laser body sculpting is the 21st-century solution for contouring your physique and quickly achieving the body you want. With advanced laser technology, the Langdon Center offers innovative low-impact liposuction procedures with great results and little downtime. SlimLipo™ treats your problem areas gently but effectively—removing fat, tightening skin, and reducing irregular contouring.

What is SlimLipo™?

SlimLipo™ is a revolutionary body sculpting treatment that uses “fat-melting” diode laser technology. Via a few tiny incisions, this patented laser gently “melts” fat that is then removed by liposuction. Also called LifeSculpt™, this superior minimally-invasive technology enables you to achieve a slimmer look with minimal downtime.

You can treat unwanted fat on almost any area of your body with laser body sculpting, but the areas that benefit the most from SlimLipo™ treatment include:

  • Upper arms
  • Lower abdomen
  • Inner and anterior (front of) thighs
  • Male breasts (gynecomastia)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the areas being treated, SlimLipo™ procedures take approximately two to four hours. Dr. Langdon will use tumescent local anesthesia to completely numb the treatment areas, and you will be pleasantly surprised by how little discomfort you’ll feel. He will then make small incisions to insert the cannula. 

The laser energy will liquefy unwanted fat through this cannula, which is then suctioned out. The laser’s heat also contracts collagen fibers to tighten the skin. During your pre-procedure consultation, Dr. Langdon will perform an evaluation and answer any questions you may have.

The recovery time for SlimLipo™ is much less than that of traditional liposuction. Many patients resume activity immediately following the procedure and return to work the next day. You may see slight bruising, which usually resolves within one week. 

We will provide you with post-procedure instructions and what you should expect during your recovery period. It may take several weeks for swelling to fully subside, and you will need to wear compression garments for the first week. You should wait to resume strenuous exercise for one to two weeks.

Swelling and bruising may obscure your initial results. As these side effects fade, you’ll enjoy a slimmer contour with reduced fat in the target areas. SlimLipo™ also reduces skin laxity, leaving you with smoother, firmer skin. Patients can appreciate optimal improvements in three to six months when all swelling has subsided.

SlimLipo™ permanently removes unwanted fat. Your slimming results should last as long as you maintain a stable weight, and the skin-tightening benefits will also be long-lasting. Leading a healthy lifestyle and taking good care of your skin are the best ways to preserve your results.

You may be a good candidate if you want to get rid of localized areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. SlimLipo™ is ideal for body areas in which skin tightening is also needed. Laser body sculpting can gently “melt” unwanted fat, smooth out dents and dimples, and tighten the overlying skin. 

Ideal candidates for SlimLipo™ are already at or near a healthy body weight. Body sculpting treatments are not a replacement for weight loss, and patients should be committed to maintaining a stable weight for long-lasting results. Every patient is unique, so scheduling a consultation with Dr. Langdon is the best way to determine which treatment is right for you. We offer multiple laser liposuction procedures, such as ProLipo™ and SmartLipo®, to ensure we have the best option for each patient.

*Individual results may vary.

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