Understanding Cosmetic Laser Surgery by Dr. Robert Langdon

The book by Dr. Langdon, Understanding Cosmetic Laser Surgery, was published in 2004. The book covers the basics of laser physics and skin physiology, principles that are applicable to all generations of cosmetic lasers. From the book jacket: Understanding Cosmetic Laser Surgery explains laser technology and its suitability for many cosmetic surgeries. Topics include physiology of the skin, basics of surgical procedures, preparation for surgery, possible risks, and post-operative recovery. This information is presented in clear, jargon-free language that explains how laser procedures are accomplished without damaging the surrounding skin. A comprehensive overview that keeps the patient’s perspective in mind, Understanding Cosmetic Laser Surgery is intended for the general reader and those considering this type of elective surgical procedure. The book is in the collection of the Yale Medical Library and is available at bookstores including Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble; it is also available on the Amazon Kindle.

Understanding Cosmetic Laser Surgery New Haven

Dr. Langdon’s book at the Yale Medical Library

Understanding Cosmetic Laser Surgery Guilford