How Long Does Breast Augmentation Take?

October 10, 2022

Have you considered breast augmentation but do not feel comfortable with the idea of implants? You might be a good candidate for natural breast augmentation. This procedure uses your own fat to improve your breasts with natural-looking results and no artificial implants. 

What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Natural or fat transfer breast augmentation offers an alternative to implants that can help you achieve your desired results. Dr. Langdon performs this procedure by harvesting fat from areas of your body and using it to add volume to your breasts. The fat will establish itself in the breasts and remain there for long-lasting results. 

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How Long Does Breast Augmentation Take?

Fat transfer breast augmentation begins with the removal of fat using Body-Jet liposuction. This technique removes the fat using a solution of sterile saline and local anesthetic. The harvested fat cells go through a careful preparation process before injection into the breasts. This process maintains adipose-derived stem cells, regenerative cells contained in fatty tissues. These stem cells help your transplanted fat settle into its new location. The entire procedure usually takes three to five hours. This includes liposuction, fat preparation, and injection steps.  

What are the Advantages of Natural Breast Augmentation?

Women choose natural breast augmentation for many reasons. This type of breast augmentation has several advantages over augmentation with implants. 

Minimal Scarring

Natural breast augmentation does not require any surgical incisions in the breast area. You will have a few tiny incisions in the place where you have liposuction and around the breasts, but these generally heal without noticeable scars. Augmentation with implants typically requires a large incision under the breast or around the areola. 

Long-Lasting Results

Breast implants eventually need to be removed and replaced. Fat transferred to your breasts never needs replacement and will last a lifetime. Your results look soft, full, and natural and will stay that way indefinitely. The size of your breasts may change if you lose or gain weight. 

No Implants

Because natural breast augmentation uses no implants, you do not expose yourself to the potential complications they can cause. Your body accepts the transplanted fat and will not react to it as it might react to an artificial object. 

Improved Body Contours

Natural breast augmentation also includes liposuction of a body area where fat is less desirable, such as the hips or flanks. The fat donor areas also will improve because of liposuction of these areas.

Breast Augmentation Consultations Available

If you have further questions about natural breast augmentation, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT. Call us at 203-453-8625 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

Am I a Good Candidate for Natural Breast Augmentation?

You may be a good candidate for natural breast augmentation even if you are not a good candidate for augmentation with implants. Ideal candidates are in good health and have enough extra fat to extract and use for transplantation. Because the procedure uses your own fat, there is little to no risk of an adverse reaction. 

What is Recovery Like From Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

The Body-Jet liposuction process removes fat with minimal tissue trauma. It requires only a few small incisions, just large enough to insert the liposuction cannula. The local anesthetic minimizes bleeding and swelling. Most people can return to work within a few days

I am amazed at and grateful for the results of my procedures.

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If you have further questions about natural breast augmentation, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT. Call us at 203-453-8625 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

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