Qwo® marks the first time the FDA has approved an injectable treatment for moderate to severe cellulite located on the buttocks of women. 

Many myths exist about cellulite and how to get rid of it. Cellulite is not caused by excessive weight and is not responsive to diet and exercise, but results from thinning skin and the development of fibrous bands between the skin and underlying muscle fascia. We may not have control of these causative factors, but with Qwo® we have a new option to treat them. 

Qwo Cellulite Treatment Therapy Guilford

*Individual Results May Vary

What is Qwo®?

The first FDA-approved injectable to treat cellulite, Qwo® targets the fibrous bands that cause cellulite. These bands form over time, and they adhere the skin and the muscle fascia together. These adhesions cause the skin to pucker into the dimples of cellulite. Qwo® breaks apart these fibrous bands, releasing the skin from these attachments. This reduces the appearance of both the dimples and the bulges between the dimples. 

How Does Qwo® Work?

Qwo® uses an enzyme called collagenase. This naturally occurring enzyme breaks down certain types of collagen, including the types that form the fibrous bands causing cellulite. The enzyme breaks down the materials that form these bands and releases the adhesions

Qwo® also works to redistribute fat in the treated area to create a smoother appearance, and it stimulates the formation of new collagen. Instead of forming fibrous bands, this new collagen forms a support network under the skin to give it a more even, toned look. 

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How Long Does Qwo® Last?

Researchers continue to monitor people who have received this new treatment, and they are finding the results to be long-lasting, with patients reporting smooth skin after two years or more! Once these fibrous bands have been removed they may not return at all. 

Results from Qwo® take about ten weeks to appear and will keep improving for the next several months. Collagenase enzymes take time to break down the fibrous bands, and new collagen development requires several weeks to months for full results. 

What is Qwo® Treatment Like?

Qwo® treatment takes only about ten minutes. You may have up to two areas of cellulite treated at each session. Most people will need three sessions spaced 21 days apart to achieve the best results. Each session, you will have a series of injections into your buttocks. 

Is There Any Downtime With Qwo®?

You may see bruising in the treated area that can last several weeks. This should not keep you from resuming normal activities with there is no downtime or restrictions. Dr. Langdon can prescribe medication to help minimize the bruising. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Qwo®?

Qwo® is approved to treat moderate to severe cellulite located on women’s buttocks, so if you have cellulite in this area, you may be a good candidate. You should let your provider know if you have ever had a reaction to any similar medication before. 

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