The Langdon Center Reminds You to Watch for the Effects of Alcohol on Skin

We're now in the holiday get-together season, and with it usually come parties, big meals and other special events. For many, these activities may include an increase in alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, with too much alcohol, even our skin feels hung over. Alcohol dehydrates your body and depletes it of vital nutrients. This can lead to [...]

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Scar-less Breast Reduction at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT

If you’ve been troubled by overly large breasts but have resisted major surgical revision, you may be relieved to know that there is a less invasive – and virtually scar-less – option available from The Langdon Center. In the Scar-less Breast Reduction procedure, Dr. Langdon removes excess fat from the breasts by using a special [...]

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The Many Benefits of BOTOX® from The Langdon Center

Most of us know that BOTOX is great for eliminating or greatly reducing wrinkles. Yet, a lot of our patients here at The Langdon Center share with us how confusing understanding the options for cosmetic treatments can be. One major misconception is that BOTOX treats each wrinkle. In fact, BOTOX treats the underlying muscle that [...]

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Q: Which Kind of Liposuction is Safest? I Just Want my Saddlebags Done?

Recently, I responded to the following question posted on I've tried to research the safest, best type of liposuction, but can't seem to find whihc option is safest. My husband does not want me to undergo general anesthesia and is most worried about the safety of the procedure. He is an anesthesiologist and has [...]

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Long-Term Weight Gain (or Loss): It’s Not Just the Number But the Type of Calories that Counts

Everyone knows that it is important to count calories in order to maintain or lose weight. An important, recent study by Harvard public health and nutrition experts published in the New England Journal of Medicine (June 23, 2011) concludes that simply eating the right type of foods may be the key to controlling weight. In [...]

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Job Market Slumps, Faces Perk Up

According to recent articles on, and several other leading publications, there is an interesting phenomenon occurring. As the job market slumps, faces are perking up. According to CNN’s article entitled, “Plastic surgery rebounds as job seekers try to look better,” much of the business is coming from men over the age of 55 [...]

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